July 21 - July 27
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The Walking Dead S2:E4 lands this week on PC, 360 and PS3, carrying on with a franchise that feels like it might be running out of gas. That could just be me, though. I never got all the way on board with The Walking Dead in any of its multiple formats.

I think it's the zombies. As a beloved menace, only vampires seems to gather more prime-time visibility, but I just don't love zombies the way it seems so many others do. I've passed on most of the great zombie flicks, avoided many of the games and, with the exception of World War Z, have read no novels — graphic or otherwise.

I don't have some huge indictment or complaint about tales of zombies, except maybe that it feels like the same story told over and over and over again. I even get that zombie stories are in many ways not really about the monsters, but about us. I see the cool metaphors wrapped into the slow, dead, inexorable doom of the zombie apocalypse. It just doesn't usually grab me.

Games like Dead Rising, Dead Island, Resident Evil and even The Walking Dead — all games I've played — have usually been something I spend a couple hours with and move on. Doesn't mean they're not great games, just games where inevitably the thought of another zombie or another dealing with the problems of a world overrun with zombies sounded like a job perfectly crafted for someone else to deal with.

Which is how I've come to think of The Walking Dead. It sounds like a terrific story and engaging experience that someone else is expertly suited to deal with. Enjoy.

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