Unofficial PBE Patch Notes for 8/4/2014 - Champion Changes
Posted by News [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 4 August 2014, 10:23 pm

NOTE: The ward pings files and images has been removed from PBE.

Champion Changes


  • Hop / Crunch [ E ] - Tooltip now says: "If Crunch is used to transform Gnar will still be able to bounce."


  • Drunken Rage [ W ] - Now deals 20/50/80/110/140 damage (up from 20/35/50/65/80)


  • Riftwalk [ R ] - Now costs 75 mana (down from 100) [NOTE: Reverted to live]


  • Living Artillery [ R ] - Bonus base damage to champion is now 100% at all ranks (from 75/100/125%)


  • Vengeful Maelstrom [ R ] - Now the zone lasts for up to 12 second (down from unlimited)


  • Soul Shackles [ R ] - Initial and stun damage is now 150/225/300 (down from 155/240/325)

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