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It’s been almost nine months since I started this blog and all this time, I’ve struggled to retain the readers who have been faithful enough to check it every single day of every single week, by making at least one blog post a day. When I first designed this website, I decided to put the calendar up there and made it my goal to see the calendar lit up on Mondays through Fridays for one whole month. Well, so far I’ve only met my goal twice - April and May 2007. And with my new responsibilities over at POTBS Vault, it’s getting harder and harder to post even once a week.

All this time, I’ve been keeping an eye out for other female gamers who can and want to contribute to this site. Aside from increasing the chances of meeting the self-imposed one-a-day goal, having more than one blogger would definitely provide a wider perspective and make for a more interesting blog.

Today, I’m happy to announce that I finally found the perfect blogging partner! Tricia ‘Seridove’ Bennon is a fellow Vault Network veteran, having been the site manager of Lineage II Vault for over a year now and staff member of a few other Vault sites for longer than that. Some of you may be familiar with Seridove and her work at Lord of the Rings Online Vault as well, where she served as the main liaison for the Vault with the community through its Kinship Watcher program. She will be doing the same thing for POTBS Vault’s Society Watcher program and we are both really excited about that as the Pirates community starts to shape up. Although her schedule is probably busier than mine (she’s a part-time student and holds another full time job), she loves to write and interact with the gaming community, so hopefully between the two of us, we can manage to keep you folks entertained and coming back for more.

This is certainly the kind of growth that I only dreamed about when I first started this blog. I truly hope that it’s only the beginning.

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