I am a female gamer?hear me roar!
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Well, with such an introduction by Trinity I think I?m even interested in reading what I write now! *grins*

Honestly, it?s great to be writing here and working with Trinity in a casual and laid back atmosphere, where we can sit back with our latte?s and bask in the glow of being a female gamer.

Hrm. *scratches her nose* You know, now that I think about it, one just has to wonder what a female gamer is. It?s not in the dictionary, but if it was..what would it say? I picture something like this:

A female gamer is the digital tomboy of the ?computer generation?. She?s the competitive, in-your-face player in Halo who used to beat you in soccer; she?s the girly-girl who decorates her Sim house (not a doll house) for hours on end; she?s the ?chatty cathy? who role-plays on a massively multi-player online game instead of hanging out at the mall with her friends; she?s a woman who can do anything and be anything without restraints.

Looking at that definition, we are a lot of things! Whew..no wonder I?m busy and tired all the time! What you don?t see in that definition, are things we aren?t.

We aren?t that female character who?s cozying up to you for money or gear. Every real life woman who sees this knows it?s a guy pretending to be a woman. It?s about time you guys snapped out of it and saw it too.

We don?t want to cyber you or tell you our A/S/L. We will, however, get in your base and kill all your d00ds, because that?s what we do. We game. We compete. We kick ass and get our ass kicked.

One thing that we, as female gamers will constantly battle are those women who try to pass themselves off as gamers, who just aren?t. These women just want the attention of being the only girl in the room. They can?t play, have an incredible skill in ?cyber? and generally fear the true girl gamer. These women make a point to show their e-boobies off in every group, whereas we would rather just play the game.

I?m here to game.

I am a female gamer.

Hear me roar.

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