Guitar Hero
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Gamer Girl Giveaway #12: The employees at GameStop know you on a first name basis.

Most of my posts are going to be covering tipics associated with massively multi-player online (MMO) games. But occasionally I’m dragged away from my PC to play a console game or two.

Back in 2005, I was actually dragged kicking and screaming to play my first song on Guitar Hero. I have to admit, when I first heard about Guitar Hero, I thought it was going to be a cheesy guitar game. After picking it up and playing it *coughs*for 5 hours straight*coughs* I felt..the attraction. I mean, growing up listening to Pat Benetar, Vixen, and Lita Ford, I wanted to be that rocking girl in the band. Now I was.
It’s addicting. I drag the guitars out at parties, and people who are hesitant to play (or never played a game before in their life) find themselves not wanting to ever give up the controller, and try to bribe 10 year olds out of their turn. It really appeals to such a wide variety of people of all ages, and for those who are super competitive; if you have the XBox version you can follow your ranking on leader boards.

Rock band takes it even further and creates that ultimate group with guitar, keyboards, drum and vocals. I know when I first tried SingStar, I was elated not only to get the karaoke bug out of my system, but incorporate it into a competitive game! I haven’t tried Rock Band, but man I can’t wait to (and yes that same friend of mine who conned me 2 years back to play my first Guitar Hero song is dying to show me Rock Band)!

One thing I have noticed about Guitar Hero; it takes a lot of eye/hand coordination. Something that my husband (bless his soul) is challenged at. We usually play to see who takes out the garbage every Wednesday night. *peers outside* Man, he sure looks cold!


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