Im so drnk!
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I was reading through the Windows Vista Magazine (Winter 2007 Edition) and came across a great little blurb titled: 5 things that can make you dumber. I just had to share what I felt the top 3 of the 5 were with you.

#3 Drinking and browsing: Don’t make blog comments while under the influence, don’t visit message boards after a beer and don’t even think about instant messaging your ex when you’ve had a couple of shots.

My thoughts: This person obviously doesn’t understand the subculture that exists within that of the gaming community: the board troll. They also definitely cannot appreciate the barrage of totally useless posts that ensue when you get someone posting “Im so drnk” on a message board. However, to ensure that your IQ doesn’t rapidly plummet from reading said posts, make sure you, too, are drinking.

#2 Multiplayer deathmatch gaming marathons: Spending an hour or two blasting online opponents in a first-person shooter is the intellectual equivalent of repeatedly beating your head against a lamppost.

My thoughts: Now..that’s pretty harsh! Considering that this addresses an hour or two. I mean..who do YOU know plays Halo for “an hour or two”. They may say, “Honey, I?m going to play for just an hour”, but in reality you could watch the entire series of BattleStar Galactica in his “hour”. I’d really hate to see what this guy thinks a hard-core gamer’s head looks like.

Plus, I’m sorry…killing my fellow gamers with a character named “LittleBunnyFooFoo” isn’t hours of bashing my head against a’s pure entertainment!

And my #1 favorite of the top 5 things that can make you dumber…..

#1. Online arguments: When someone starts a scrap with you on a Web forum or mailing list, walk away from the keyboard. NO one ever comes out of an online flame session looking (or feeling) good.

My thoughts: Either this person has never visited the VN Boards or they have never mastered the true art of flaming. Flame wars are like a train wrecks, if you aren’t in them…you can’t help but watch (with popcorn bucket in hand). Usually the best flame wars ensue after a player has successfully completed #2 above, and then has moved on to #3 in attempts to forget the ass kicking he (or she) just experienced.

Usually though, the most proficient flamers are actually quite intelligent. They know how to play the game and push just the right buttons to get YOUR ass banned from whatever message board you are visiting. Granted, there are very few who have mastered the art of flaming, but those that have are definitely anything but dumb.

Although, I may not necessarily agree with the author of this article in that these activities may not MAKE you dumber, they definately can make you APPEAR dumber.

Use caution.

Step lightly.

Im so drnk.

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