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11.21.07:  That?s the day that the movie ?Hitman? hit the theaters in North America.  Having not played the game in particular (but having a bit of knowledge that it existed!), I decided that since no other movie playing interested me, I?d check it out.  I tell you what..I did NOT expect to enjoy this movie as much as I did. 

Timothy Olyphant is cast as Agent 47 and does a fantastic job.  He?s not the  ripping muscle actor you might expect from typical action heroes (if you can consider him a hero), but pays an excellent Hitman as he effectively takes out his targets in his signature black suit (and don?t forget the bar code tattoo on the back of the head). 

Some suspension of reality has to exist (ie: why does no one even care or notice said signature tattoo..I know I would!).  The love interest, which I thought was going to ruin the movie, turned out to be HILLARIOUS.  No, I won?t give it away..but lets just say he has a pretty strong way of saying ?no?.  There?s even a scene in the movie where the game makes an appearance! That was actually a LOL moment for me.  There?s just enough of the background to really want more of a back-story to it, and I hope that they make a Hitman 2.

I?ve actually wanted to go see this movie again (and I will) and it piqued my interest to check out the game.  I?m not one for console games of this genre, but it?s at least worth renting or checking out now, especially if it?s exciting as the movie.


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