My Pal, the DS
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When I first got my Nintendo DS a few months ago, I never expected to play it all that much. The idea was for me to have something to do while waiting… for dentists, doctors, bureaucrats, etc. to see me. A magazine or a good book would do just as well but hey I’m a gamer! I would rather play a game than read about LiLo’s latest troubles or Jen’s intrusion into Brangelina’s otherwise peaceful union (I read the headlines at the grocery check-out counter, that’s how I know that! ;) ).

So anyway, now that more and more of my PC time is being spent working instead of playing, I find that most of my gaming time is now on the DS! For about a month, I got addicted to My Sims. A wide-eyed cheeky little brat of a sim in a pink dress kept me on my toes for a while there, trying to find the right combination of clothes that would impress her with my fashion sense. And it got me so frustrated at one point that I started searching for hints and tips online. Since there wasn’t much to find, I decided I’d start a little section on my “Trinity’s Notes” page, more of an outline than a guide really but I guess since there aren’t too many guides out there, Trinity’s Guide to the Stars became the most popular post on this site, with 111 comments and counting. Fun as it was, I soon grew tired of the game because it looks like I need to master the mini-games to beat it, and these are arcade-type games that just don’t appeal to me. I mean, what’s racquetball but a fifth-generation version of Pong anyway!? Not difficult enough for you? Ok let’s throw some rocks in the middle of the court… geez, who in their right mind would play racquetball on a court like that? Ranting aside, I did have fun with that game and it was good while it lasted.

On to Zelda and the Phantom Hourglass then! The game is a little more involved than My Sims. It takes a while to get through any dungeon, and even if you save the game in the middle of one, when you start up your DS the next time, your character will be at the entrance so you have to go through again albeit with less traps. In other words, it’s not something I can pick up and play while waiting for the other guys to come back from their bio breaks or whatever. :D There are online hints, tips and walkthroughs galore but I try to stay away from those because it’s more fun when you figure out a puzzle yourself. I think I’m about three-quarters through with the game (if the map is anything to go by) and I know I’ll be sad and going through really-great-game-withdrawals when I finally beat it (it’s that stage every gamer goes through when s/he has beaten a really great game and is waiting for the next one to come along).

I wonder how good Revenant Wings is…

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