In-Game Marriages..for real?
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Recently I was invited to a wedding, where the after party involved killing a bunch of orcs.  No, this isn?t some weird dream or movie script.  This was, in fact, a marriage that happened in a virtual MMO game world.

Many games actually even offer encouragement to in-game marriages, such as the game ?Dark Age of Camelot? by EA Mythic.  Camelot offers items you can purchase from vendors including wedding cake and licenses you give to NPC?s to trigger wedding sermons.  In fact, included in all this is a complimentary last name change, so the world will know that you are in fact, bound in matrimony!

I have to wonder though, because of the rise of popularity of MMORPG games and the myriad of marriage announcements across gaming forums, how long it will be before virtual lawyers crop up offering in game prenuptial agreements and divorces.

Researching, a little information on the first documented in-game wedding was found:

Tale of a Wedding from 1997
“Gold five years ago attended an online wedding involving two characters in a game called “Meridian 59.” Once the vows were exchanged, the bride declared that she was actually a man and that the two had had cybersex, humiliating the groom in front of their virtual guests. It was all a revenge plot the “bride” had devised because the groom had killed another of the player’s characters months earlier in the game.” (source:

The first wedding that was publicized and involved the developers of the game, was a marriage in the popular game, Ultima Online on March 8th, 1998 of Lady Nisha and TundraWolfwinter.

A reception was held at a nearby keep where there were games and food for everyone. A surprise visitor, GM tOAD, made sure that everyone had Cake and Liquor before disappearing mysteriously as GM’s are notorious for doing. (source:

To understand the extent of the GM (game master) involvement, this was noted about that wedding:

?Two players on the Catskills server, Tundra Wolfwinter of The Outpost and and Nisha of Circle of Chaois (CoC) were going to get married at the CoC Guild Castle. I spoke with GM Twilight and GM tOAD about doing something extra for the wedding.

Well, they were all for it and we decorated the castle with banners, flowers, and other decorations. The next thing was rings which became a fiasco and a half. The inscriptions were added to the rings and we were almost ready to go when *someone* put the ring on. Well, back then to take a ring off, you had about 3 pixels of visible ring to grab, and it was a good 10 minutes spent trying to take the ring off in order to give it to the couple. About 22 people attended, including the Seers and Counselors. After the wedding, tOAD pretty much filled the guild house with food and drink. The wedding was front page news on Origin’s official and was the beginning of a long line of dev-aided weddings in UO.  -Anonymous?

This not only illustrates the involvement that goes into planning these weddings, but the lengths that people will go to plan that special wedding that is remembered by all.

In-game marriages even go as far as to stretch into real life; as noted by a wedding that was both arranged in-game and out of game for one lucky couple (source:

So, whether you think in-game weddings are taking roleplay too far, or are in integral part of the social environment that is embraced and fostered by the MMORPG world experience; they are definitely around to stay.  Until the next MMORPG game is released, do we part!

~Seridove (thanks to Loktofeit for the research *smiles*)

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