Level = Experience?
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Recently, I was chatting with some new recruits into my guild.  They dutifully applied to the guild, detailing what their level was, their accomplishments, and the amount of time they had hoped to play per week.  Being a social player, these types of facts aren?t that important to me, but these applicants were hoping to report as experts of their classes.

I reviewed the applicants and selected the ones that appeared to be the best representatives of their class and offered them a spot in the guild.  It wasn?t very long after that, we were in a voice chat and I mentioned that I could use a hunting partner.

?What level are you?? one asked.

?16? I replied.


?What?? I asked.

?You are ONLY level 16???? OMG!? he exclaimed. “Our clan leader is only 16!!??”

To them my level was a direct representative of my knowledge of the game.  In fact, this isn?t just a view that is shared by my friends, but most of the gaming community.  I can?t say that I entirely disagree with them, as to truly get a grasp of all aspects of a game, you have to have played to the ?end game? that the designers have constructed.  But does this mean that you can ONLY be respected and know how to play the game if you have attained X many levels?

What about those who enjoy the crafting aspects of the game?  You might be an eternal level 5..but does that mean you can?t be a Master Artesian of your chosen craft?  Does that mean that you won?t know anything about crafting until you reach a skill of say 200 on a 250 scale?  Or will those who reach 250 look down their noses at those who are only 240?

While I agree that you do have to effectively play through levels to get a feel for how the game progresses and your character in that world, I don?t believe that a player?s knowledge or ability should be entirely based on the numbers in your character fact sheet.  In fact, I?ve read things and heard comments by players who had ?reached maximum level?  and thought ?Did you BUY your character or did you sleep while you played??

In reality though, players will always be assessed (at least initially) by the level they reach or the skill level they attain.  Sadly, for those of us who are lower level, a majority of our comments or observations may fall to the wayside.  But hopefully, there is one player out there who says: ?Dang..I didn?t know/think of that!?

I am a level 16.

Hear me roar.

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