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The number one reason that I play MMO games can be summed up in one word: community.

Community is the reason that I flew to Oklahoma to meet up with some Dark Age of Camelot players and have some good old fasioned bar-b-que. Community is the reason that fan sites exist and community managers exist. Community is what separates the MMO from the single player games out there and what makes them unique.

From my experience, there are two kinds of MMO game developers. Those who embrace their communities and those who say “my way or the highway”. With increased competition and more developers springing up who want to make the “next (well you know the title of the game that goes here)” the playing field is getting more and more crowded. Those companies that look to their communities and make them a part of the development process will see their games leap ahead of their less interactive competitiors.

I wouldn’t specifically call out the developers of the swashbuckling game “Pirates of the Burning Sea”, Flying Lab Software (oh wait..yes I would), but this is a company that incorporates their community into their design process and welcomes their input. They *actually* consider player concerns when evaluating whether or not to make adjustments to improve the overall gaming experience. Their presence on their official forums is flat out UNHEARD of when compared to other official forums that I’ve experienced. The serious posts talking about game related issues to the playful banters that are just plain silliness reflect that these people enjoy what they do. Interacting with the community that plays their game.

Had the chance to look at the Pirates of the Burning Sea box? Inside you will find a “Ship’s Guide” complete with images of ships that were designed by players during the beta process. I have NEVER seen a company use player made items in a guide that was published on release of their game.

Flying Lab Software..I give you a 10 on the community involvement scale.
We are your community.

Hear us roar!

Read more about my thoughts on Flying Lab Software here.

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