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Quick note about the open beta available for the online soccer/football (whichever term gets you in the right game), United Football . It's not really "massive" in terms of the number of players playing at once, but let's face it, football is huge... and this is an online game, so there's my reasoning for calling this a "massive multiplayer online game". :P Here's a blurb:

United Football is a free to play 5-a-side multiplayer football game where each player on the pitch is controlled by a gamer located anywhere around the world. United Football also includes in-game AI controlled ?bots? for those times when there are not enough players around to make up full teams, as well as in-game chatrooms, messaging and a buddy list to keep track of your friends. The game is now in open Beta and Staggan?s ethos is ?Release early, update often and be led by the community, since after all, they play the game!?

Many new features are planned including leagues, tournaments, additional game modes and much more.

If you are interested in trying out your soccer skills go to unitedfootball.staggan.com, register and play.

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