Vicious Cycle thought that by combining Gears of War mechanics with gaming cameos of all sorts and genres, they’d have a seller. Since they failed to add proper production values, decent level design, shooting mechanics that at least try to be diverse, good jokes, a diverse soundtrack, and, y’know, fun, they failed.

They held the belief that shattering the fourth wall at every step (hey, look, it’s Master Chef, he’s in green armor and it’s a space marine level! What's this? A chap named Captain Carpenter sporting a cap and overalls? He hits his head on a floating brick and goes down a pipe? Absolutely hilarious!) would make a good game. Bad move. Enemies, weapons, jokes, art, everything is bland.

This is the gaming equivalent of Meet the Spartans.

Lasts about 6 hours.

Rating: Skip it.


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