"I'm the best at what I do, but my movie wasn't very nice."

But it's a good thing they let the developers ditch the PG rating on this. If I recall correctly there should be an Uncaged version that feature the violent stuff. This is probably the bloodiest comic book game I've ever played. And the best movie tied game ever. It didn't bother with tutorial or too much drama at the start, all you get is several cutscenes of Logan stabbing soldiers through the walls and him wondering how he got to this mess. After that brief interlude was over with, we get him diving off a helicopter before landing on a poor soldier with both of his claws extended.

Control wise, it's very responsive. With simple combo keys to execute special moves and a rage bar you could spend to execute fury attacks. Killing enemies will replenish your rage, or you can simply bash on destructible stuff, like crates and desk. Although it's disappointing to know you won't be playing other characters than Wolverine, it's still pretty fun.

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