Assassin's Creed - Ubisoft - PC
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 9 June 2009, 3:33 pm
So my home internet is out for a few days (thanks AT&T) and in my enforced vacation from TF2 I'm firing up a few of the single-player games that I keep installed for just such an occasion.  First up is Assassin's Creed.  I've played worse, but after a couple of hours I think I'm done with it.  There are faint glimmerings of a good game there -- I like the plot (such as it is), and I like climbing and jumping around stuff.  And it's kinda pretty even if it's mostly brown.  But the walking.  Dear God, the walking.  Not just the walking, but the fact that if you walk any faster than an amble past one of the Templar guards, they get pissed at you and you have to run around looking for a hay bale to jump into.  I just got to the point of needing to travel cross-country to the next town, and although galloping around on my horse is fun I keep getting hung up on medieval speed traps unless I go at crawling speed.  FTS.  I got this game on sale for $10 and right now I'm feeling like I got robbed.

Rating: Avoid.


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