As Saints Row 2 is probably my Game of the Year so far, I recently picked up this DLC pack for it quite enthusiastically.

It's made up of 3 missions, and some other junk - some outfits, a few vehicles including the EDF Scout from Red Faction 2 and a cool Attack chopper vaguely based on a Blackhawk, some clothing, a bunch of Moustaches, and Tera Patrick as a new homie once you finish the mission arc.

Well, the missions are a little longer than the norm, but the first two of them are a little bland. Third one is kinda cool though.
There's a few new Multiplayer maps. - Meh.
Also a "meta-game" in co-op mode, where one of you can get some extra cash for killing more enemies than the other guy, or doing more tricks, or blowing up more stuff. Meant to be a non-intrusive little add on of fun for co-op missions. This would have been good if it were included in the base game initially. As an add-on mode, it's really too little too late.

Tera Patrick is a pretty sub-par representation of Tera.

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