Pikmin 2 "New Play Control" - Nintendo EAD - Wii
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 7 July 2009, 11:59 am
So I never played the first one, nor did I play either on the Gamecube. I did read a review of the "New Play Control" version of part 1 which suggested that part 2, with it's lack of time limits for exploring and generally fucking around would be great, and so, with this on discount-status at EBgames when I went out there to pick up my copy of the Fallout 3 DLC disc, I picked it up.

So, there's a long-winded, non-skippable exposition section. Apparently you work for some kind of Space Trucking company, and while you were fucking around in the first game the company's other employee lost a ton of money, requiring the boss to take out a loan to pay off the debt for the freight losses, which gets your spaceship respossessed. Aside from these morons never having heard of Space Insurance, I really don't care.

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