Nintendo rolls out two-step authentication for online accounts
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Nintendo now supports two-factor verification to its Nintendo Accounts. This adds another layer of security by requiring codes generated from the Google Authenticator app, though it comes years later than most other gaming platforms.

Source: Gamasutra

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Proceed to Crossing Zebras for the essay. Advertisements

The Pit Chronicle
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Click to embiggen!That is The Pit Chronicle which was only ever seen by a handful of corp mates back in December 2008 in the Phoenix Industrial Corporation, my very first corporation. I had only been playing Eve for three months when I made that. It was

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I was watching the middle grandchild a few weeks back (he’s five) and to get out of the house I stuffed him in my truck (he loves trucks) and … [visit site to read more]

Entering the Jump Tunnel
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Pokemon Gold and Silver Available on 3DS Today
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Meanwhile, on the retro-nostalgia front, Nintendo is bringing more old school Pokemon games to the 3DS today in the for of Pokemon Gold & Silver. Back in 2016 Nintendo re-released Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow for the 3DS Virtual Console as part of

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Launches Today!
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Today is the day.  At some point around noon [or now], here on the first day of Autumn in the northern hemisphere, the Path of Fire expansion for Guild Wars 2 goes live. As an outsider to the game… never got much past level 40… the

'PUBG’ studio isn't happy about ‘Fornite: Battle Royale’
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Epic Games' cartoony horde game Fortnite is still in Steam Early Access, but the studio recently announced that a free-to-play version of the game would come out for free next week... and it looks a lot like another really popular game. Fortnite: Battle Royale's gameplay doesn't just closely resemble PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Epic admitted it inspired their new title while promoting its game. Bluehole, the studio behind PUBG, is none too happy, and even stated in a press release that it's considering 'further action.'

Amarr Empire Looks Forward to First Jubilee of Coronation of Empress Catiz I
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Amarr Prime – The first anniversary of the coronation of Empress Catiz I is to be celebrated in a Jubilee Week festival beginning Monday and culminating in a ritual renewal of vows of obedience to the Imperial Throne on Wednesday 27th.

The Jubilee festivities will continue for the remainder of the week by order of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite.

All Imperial subjects are commanded to make preparations for the festivities and to observe the holy duty of hospitality for pilgrims during the Jubilee Week.


Episode 174: “Dim Skyscraper”
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We discuss The Dark Tower and The Orville, briefly mention the trailer for Red Sparrow, talk about updates for HotS, Elite: Dangerous, and more old [...]

All Xbox 360 ‘Halo’ titles are now playable on the Xbox One
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Microsoft had a fun announcement this week. All Xbox 360-era Halo games, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4 and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, are now backwards compatible for the Xbox One and Xbox One S. (Halo: Reach was already backwards compatible with the system). They aren't yet playable yet on the Xbox One X, but it's coming soon.

Source: Halo Waypoint

'Destiny 2' factions will reward you with powerful discount weapons
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If you've been playing Destiny 2 for a while, you probably know the fate of "the city". What's set to follow -- as I try not to spoil anything-- is the return of factions. We all love some good in-game tribal battles, and the shooter's Faction rallies will kick things off on September 26, at the decidedly precise hour of 2AM PT / 5AM ET / 9AM BST -- with some nice rewards for the faction that comes out on top.

Source: Bungie

Warzone Extractions: Revamping the Arbitrator Fit
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I guess I should give an update on my experience running the Warzone Extraction sites in EVE Online given how popular my T1 cruiser fittings post for the event turned out. For those wondering, I am flying an Arbitrator through the sites and with my

One Gamer Fund heard you liked video-game charities
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It's an exciting time to be Seven Siegel. Siegel is the executive director of Global Game Jam, the world's largest 48-hour hackathon, but more important, he's a former game developer with an MBA in nonprofit management. This makes him particularly suited to work in an emerging niche market blending philanthropy with cutting-edge technology: video game charities.

There are dozens of charities in the video-game industry, including heavy hitters like the Gamers Outreach Foundation, which puts gaming equipment in children's hospitals around the nation; AbleGamers, which helps people with disabilities play their favorite titles; and Take This, which advocates for mental-health awareness in the gaming industry. And there are more community-led nonprofits popping up all the time.

"We're seeing it on the individual level with Desert Bus for Hope, with the Mario marathon, with Awesome Games Done Quick," Siegel says. "These are all charity events that aren't big industry things. These are all people getting together with their love of games and making some good happen."

The Chinese Room made a VR parable for Google Daydream
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Indie developer The Chinese Room is releasing its first-ever virtual reality game. So Let Us Melt is a sci-fi parable about a machine lost in a paradise of its own making. Exclusively available on Google's Daydream VR platform, the title sees the developer reuniting with Bafta award-winning composer Jessica Curry.

Source: The Chinese Room

Xbox One gets third-party camera support for game streaming
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If you're serious about video game streaming, you most likely have a PC with a decent capture card, microphone, camera and software like XSplit or OBS. It can be expensive and a little convoluted, which is why Sony and Microsoft are making their respective consoles better all-in-one streamers. On the Xbox side, Microsoft has added third-party USB camera support for "Insiders," or beta testers, on its "Preview Alpha Ring." It only works with Mixer, the company's Twitch rival, and strictly for broadcasting video — so you'll still need a headset or microphone to handle your vocal chords.

Via: Major Nelson (Twitter)

Source: Mixer

The Morning After: Friday, September 22nd 2017
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It's officially iPhone 8 day: Apple's newest devices go on sale in stores and start to reach new owners. (Pro tip: To reset the iPhone 8, you have to press volume up, volume down, then hold the power switch for what feels like far too long.) It's not all iPhone, though. Read on.

PREY – #18 – Kinetic Actuation – Dungeon Crawl
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Explore (and hopefully survive) the corridors of Talos 1 with Pokey and Livvy every Monday and Thursday! ___ Opening Theme “Water Main” by Brad Smith [...]

The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 54 Great Expectations
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Episode 54! We are joined by some of our favorite guests to discuss how they are preparing for fall and the Lifeblood Expansion.

Run the Jewels' video game tour continues in 'FIFA 18'
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Killer Mike and El-P, collectively known as Run the Jewels, are no strangers to video games. Previously they appeared in Gears of War 4 as multiplayer characters, and now the duo are lending their talents to FIFA 18. Or, at least, their iconography. You can outfit your virtual footballer in kit featuring the group's trademark fist and gun logo on a teal jersey reminiscent of the album art for Run the Jewels 3, and there's also a black variant. More than that, the soundtrack features and exclusive track from the group, "Mean Demeanor."

Source: Dibbie75 (Twitter), Electronic Arts

'Resident Evil 7' DLC trailer offers the first look at Chris Redfield
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Chris Redfield has had a long and storied career as the fictitious protagonist in many installments of Capcom's Resident Evil video game series. The Raccoon City policeman starred, along with partner Jill Valentine, in the original 1996 game, and has appeared as a major character in Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil: Revelations. He also has a cameo in the latest installment, Resident Evil 7: biohazard, and will show up in the free, downloadable expansion Not A Hero, this December 12th. A new gameplay trailer, just released at the Tokyo Game Show, shows off a bit more of his role in the upcoming release.

Via: Gematsu

Source: Capcom/YouTube

Lucky Strikes Event Casino
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D&D Reader app brings paper reference books to your tablet
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Dungeon Masters can rest a bit easier now that the library of Dungeons and Dragons core rulebooks will soon be available in an easy-to-lug digital edition. Instead of a stack of heavy paper-bound volumes, you'll be able to take your iPad or Android tablet to your next gaming session loaded up with the upcoming D&D Reader app, which should be available this fall.

Original Xbox's huge controller is returning for current platforms
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Original Xbox owners got a powerful yet eccentric machine in Microsoft's first stab at console gaming. The system itself was a massive VCR-sized slab of circuits and plastic, but it was the comically oversized controller that most baffled gamers. Yet fans look back fondly at the beastly peripheral, nicknamed "The Duke." Unbeknownst to most, one of its original designers has been secretly working to revive the controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 -- and Microsoft just gave it the green light.

Via: Polygon

Source: Seamus Blackley (Twitter)

Running some Warzone Extraction Event Sites
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eve online warzone extraction wtf? -search string that brought somebody here Easily the most popular thing I have posted so far this week… or month… is the announcement about the Warzone Extraction event in EVE Online.  Google has sent

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