Nintendo's solution for online voice chat feels half-baked
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From the moment you pick up a Nintendo Switch, it feels like a magical device. The company nailed the hybrid TV / portable concept and created a genuinely fun console that seemed to shed the awkwardness of the Wii U. Indeed, Nintendo has a habit for making fun consoles -- but for the last three generations, it's failed to build online communication options on par with Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

Rather than baking voice chat into the Switch itself, Nintendo's new console relegates the feature to a companion smartphone app. We just tried it out and it works, but it's messy, confusing and completely unintuitive.

Blasters in ya Face! – Alliance Tournament XV
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In wenigen Wochen steht in EVE Online das Alliance Tournament an. Auch GMVA ist dabei und die Vorbereitungen laufen schon auf Hochtouren. Alle wichtigen Informationen zum EVE Online ATXV... Weiterlesen →

The Morning After: Thursday, July 20th 2017
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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

How do you do, fellow kids? Our back to school guide is overflowing with laptop and desktop recommendations, there's a smart workout-stick Kickstarter and everyone's talking about 911. Also, keep an eye out later today for Microsoft's latest earnings report.

Here's the 'Words With Friends' TV show you didn't ask for
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Zynga's Words With Friends is one of those few smartphone games that has survived for far longer than many early mobile titles -- it still has a huge fan base (55 million active games at any one time) 8 years after its debut. And now, the developer wants to milk that ubiquity for all it's worth. It's teaming up with MGM Television on a Words With Friends game show that would translate the phone-friendly Scrabble-alike to the big screen. While the two aren't saying much about what the show will entail, they expect to draw on the "rich social experience" of WWF and integrate pieces of other With Friends games (Crosswords With Friends seems a natural fit).

Via: VentureBeat

Source: Zynga

Episode 165: “More Skins”
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The Biomassed crew tackle a mountain of Disney news out of the D23 convention: Star Wars 8, Avengers: Infinity War, Incredibles 2, Wreck-It Ralph 2, [...]

Hack into a world of cyberpunk horror next month in 'Observer'
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If you think things are unendurably awful in the world today, maybe don't play Observer when it hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux on August 15th.

Observer follows one of the darkest paths at humanity's feet, imagining a 2084 where corporations are the highest authority and much of society lives in Blade Runner-esque squalor. In Poland, Detective Dan Lasarski is tasked with hacking into the minds of murderers and degenerates, witnessing their crimes in twisted detail, first-hand.

'Doom' 6.66 unloads a host of hellish updates free of charge
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Hell is about to be unleashed for a very affordable price. Bethesda's "ultimate" edition of Doom rolls out to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 with the new 6.66 update. How's that for a nice, round, hellish number? The update unlocks all the multiplayer DLC for everyone, offers skill-progression Runes in multiplayer and also comes with a new progression system. Instead of random loot unlocks in multiplayer, you'll get to work toward specific upgrades. Not only that, but you can grab the whole new edition, including the SnapMap level editor and arcade mode, for $14.99. If you just want to try it out, there will be free weekends on each platform this month, as well.

Via: Polygon

Source: Bethesda

Twitch vs. YouTube Gaming: A ‘Destiny 2’ snapshot
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YouTube Gaming hit the 'net in August 2015, promising to compete with the live-streaming world's dominant force, Twitch. Two years later, both sites have evolved. Twitch offers a raft of non-gaming streams -- including anime and '90s-TV marathons, cooking shows, and creative corners -- plus it instituted an in-chat tipping system and enabled game sales directly on individual channels. Twitch has its own bustling economy.

Meanwhile, YouTube Gaming produced live shows, reorganized its UI a few times and rolled out "sponsorships," allowing viewers to send cash to streamers each month.

Today, YouTube Gaming is dragging behind Twitch when it comes to actual viewer numbers, as demonstrated by the hottest new release: the open beta for Destiny 2. The beta went live on July 18th and it's been a hot topic across the video game community, with dedicated fans clamoring to consume every shiny new weapon, map and mode. Destiny 2 represents big-budget, AAA games with massive audiences -- the gaming industry's bread and butter. So, how is it faring on the two largest live-streaming sites?

Tethered Titans in Auga
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AT Storylines - The Top contenders
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With the Alliance Tournament just round the corner, checkout my thoughts (complete with a terrible selection of fonts) on this years, top contenders!

Final season of Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ game debuts next year
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Telltale's roster of graphic adventure games has slowly expanded over the years to include serious AAA properties, like the Guardians of the Galaxy adaptation they released back in April. But the title that pioneered their wildly successful style when it launched in 2012, The Walking Dead, is finally coming to a close. The first episode of its final 'season' will debut sometime in 2018 -- and so will new adventures for Batman and The Wolf Among Us.

Source: Telltale Games

New Eden and The Temp Agency
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The Agency has come to New Eden! No, not that Agency, though probably about four people even recognize that graphic these days.  No, The Agency is the latest event in EVE Online. Unlike the never realized SOE spy MMO, or past events in EVE Online,

New 'Dungeons & Dragons' site manages the rules so you can just play
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Dungeons & Dragons, the quintessential pen-and-paper game, is more popular than ever, thanks to Twitch channels like Geek and Sundry and podcasts like The Adventure Zone. But it's one thing to listen or watch a presentation crafted by seasoned gamers and another to actually run your own adventure. Players may get frustrated by the hundreds of pages of rules and quit before they've even had their first goblin encounter. Wizards of the Coast and social gaming firm Curse aim to fix this with the launch of D&D Beyond, a website and app intended to take care of all the fine print and number crunching, leaving dungeon masters and players free to focus on crafting a good story.

Microsoft's first self-published Xbox indie games are here
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Microsoft has quietly launched the Xbox Creators Program on Xbox One. Finding it and its wares on the Xbox Store may prove tough, however. Back in March, Microsoft said the self-publishing program would exist in its own subsection of the marketplace, but that's only gone live for Alpha ring Xbox Insiders according to Windows Central. Currently, there are a quintet of games on offer: puzzler Whispers in the Dark, rhythm game Stereo Aero, multiplayer party game with a sloth lead star Animal Rivals, space shooter Derelict Fleet, Star Fox clone Space Cat and Solitaire HD.

Source: Windowa Central

We invite you to join the next CCP live stream this Thursday, 20 July, at 19:00 UTC on Twitch. Have fun and enjoy the developer hands-on demo of the latest live event in EVE Online: The Agency!

When: 20 July at 19:00 UTC
Where: Developer live stream: The Agency demo

Get an insight of what The Agency is all about. Explore the design of this live event and learn more about upcoming events.

If you want to have a look behind the scene and interaction with the CCP devs, join the live stream on 20 July!

Further information

The Agency - Welcome to the next EVE Online live event!
The Agency - Forum feedback and discussion
CCP Twitch channel

Moon mining revamped: There’s Ore in Them Thar Moons!
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There’s Ore in Them Thar Moons 


Hello again industrious capsuleers. It’s time for another Refinery and moon mining dev blog from your friendly neighborhood Team Five 0.

Today’s blog will discuss the way moon composition, moon material distribution and moon surveying will be changing this year as part of the Upwell Refinery introduction. Read on for all the juicy details, or if you’re looking for a quick TL;DR feel free to skip to the list at the end of the blog.

As we revealed in our previous dev blog, the introduction of Upwell Refineries this winter will completely revolutionize the way capsuleers harvest moons to obtain the resources used in Tech 2 production. The old paradigm of a starbase moon harvester passively collecting units of moon materials every hour is being replaced with a new moon drill service module that rips massive sections of a moon into orbit so the ore within can be harvested by pod-capable ships.

We discussed the basic outline of the new moon mining process in the eve keynote at Fanfest earlier this year as well as the previous blog, but for a quick refresher here is the entire walkthrough:

  1. A refinery that is deployed at the correct spot beside a moon can fit and online a special moon drilling service module. Only one structure can mine each moon at a time.
  2. The owners will then setup the fracking operation, with larger chunks taking longer time to be drilled from the moon.
  3. The moon drilling module begins blasting a chunk of the moon away from its surface and dragging it towards the structure. This process takes between one and several weeks depending on the choices made by the structure owner. Observers can watch the chunk move through space as a way of estimating when it will reach the Refinery.
  4. Once the chunk of moon rock has completed its journey into space, the Refinery can use its drill module to detonate the chunk into a minable asteroid field. The exact time of the detonation is controlled by the owners of the Refinery within limits. If the chunk is left unattended long enough it will disintegrate into the asteroid field on its own.
  5. The new asteroid field that appears with the explosion of the chunk will contain new types of valuable ores that will yield moon minerals when reprocessed. The composition of the field will depend on the composition of moon materials available in the moon. The field will generally remain far enough away from the Refinery structure that you won’t be able to effectively mine it from docking range but close enough for a pilot controlling the Refinery to be able to cover the friendly miners and/or attack uninvited guests.
  6. Once the chunk has exploded, the drilling module can begin fracturing a new part of the moon to start the process again.

New Ores

The new types of valuable ores mentioned above represent another major change to the whole process of moon resource harvesting. Currently a moon harvester collects the moon materials (such as Hyrocarbons, Titanium, Cadmium, Technetium, or Dysprosium) directly in a form that is ready for reacting into intermediate materials and eventually composites for T2 construction. In the new process, the moon chunk will explode into new ores that can be mined by normal capsuleer mining ships and that must be refined into moon materials using a standard reprocessing facility.

These new ores will yield more than one output material when reprocessed, just like most existing ores. We are currently planning for the addition of 20 new forms of ore that will be obtained through this process. Each of these 20 new ores will have a primary moon material that makes up a large percentage of its total value, as well as a few other materials that make up smaller percentages of the value. These secondary materials will often be other moon materials, but will also sometimes be normal minerals.

For example (names are not final): “Placeholderite Ore” might yield quite a bit of Vanadium as its primary material, with some Cobalt and Evaporate Deposits in the mix as well. “Moongooium Ore” might get most of its value from the Dysprosium it yields, but also contain a fair amount of Silicates and Mexallon.

These new ores will have five tiers of rarity just like the existing moon materials, with the rarest moon materials coming from the rarest ores. To facilitate the reprocessing of these ores (and to allow use of new mining crystals) we will be introducing five new moon ore processing skills: one for each rarity tier. These new processing skills will work much like the existing ore processing skills with a 2% bonus per level to the yields gained from reprocessing, except that each of them will apply to four ore types instead of one.

Composition and Distribution

With this new moon harvesting technology will come a new way of looking at the composition of moons themselves and a new distribution of harvestable resources across the moons of New Eden. Currently each moon can have a presence of certain moon materials that indicates the ability to mine them with a moon harvester. It’s possible for moons to have zero, one, or many moon materials and the moon harvesting process allows the owner to choose which materials to harvest.

In the new moon mining paradigm, each moon will have a composition of a few ores, with each ore representing a percentage of the total moon composition. This composition can include both new moon ores and existing ores, and will always add up to 100%.

So, for instance, surveying one moon might show that it consists of:

  • 45% Scordite
  • 40% a very common new moon ore
  • 15% a moderately rare new moon ore

While another might show:

  • 35% Spodumain
  • 25% a moderately common new moon ore
  • 20% Bistot
  • 20% an extremely rare new moon ore

The second moon would be considered significantly more valuable than the first. Under this system the difference between moon quality will be much more granular than it was previously, allowing organizations to choose what priorities they want to focus on when claiming moons.

Would your corporation or alliance prefer a moon that has a small quantity of an extremely valuable ore that you would cherry pick and then ignore the less valuable ores in a short play session? Or would you be looking for a moon with a wider distribution of strong ores that enables more total income per month but requires more mining time to take full advantage?

Alongside this rework of moon composition will be a complete reset of the current moon material distributions. We will be running a new randomized algorithm that will create the material compositions of moons across Lowsec and Nullsec space in this new percentage form. This reset of the distribution will happen in the same expansion patch as the introduction of Refineries.

We will be testing this new distribution on test servers over the coming months, including Singularity. We want to make it clear that the distributions that will eventually show up on SISI will not use the same random seed as what will be applied to the main Tranquility server on patch day.

This reset of moon composition distributions will allow a fresh start for the moon mining system, enable the conversion to the new percentage compositions, and will also be an excellent opportunity for smart and diligent prospectors to gain profit in the scramble for resources.

Improvements to Moon Surveying

Due to the radical changes to moon composition and the upcoming opportunities for moon surveying, we are also releasing significant user experience upgrades to the moon survey process.

Moon surveying is a lesser known form of EVE exploration that uses a special probe launcher to investigate the materials available in moons. This process has changed relatively little over the past several years and there are multiple areas where we saw opportunities to improve the UI and feedback.

The basics of the moon scanning process are:

  1. Fit a Survey Probe Launcher module to your ship. Covert Ops ships are especially well suited for this task as they have a bonus to improve the survey speed. There are three types of probe to choose from, with different survey speeds, volumes, and skill requirements.
  2. Fly to a spot near a moon in Lowsec or Nullsec space and start flying in the direction the moon.
  3. Open the moon analysis window that is available from the scanner radial button when you have a Survey Probe Launcher fit.
  4. When you launch a Survey Probe it flies in the direction that your ship was travelling (like bombs launched from stealth bombers). Probes fly through space for a few minutes and then scan the moon that is directly ahead of them. If you missed the moon then no results will display. If the moon does not contain any minable materials then no results will display.

With our new improvements to the moon scanning system there will be an improved moon analysis window that displays the remaining time for each of your probes with the moon they are attempting to scan. If you have missed the moon entirely then the destination column will show as “Unknown”, clearly indicating that a new probe will need to be launched to obtain the correct results. The moon analysis window will then display the full percentage compositions of the moons once the scans complete.

This set of changes will also include vastly improved discoverability of the moon survey process, some tweaks to the moon probe physics themselves to make them feel more realistic, and a sanity cap on the maximum range from which you can scan a moon.

This new UI will actually be arriving on Tranquility separately before expansion brings the Refineries and the moon distribution reset. With a feature as big as Refineries we have been working hard to complete many of the aspects early to give them lots of testing and feedback time. The new moon scanning UI will be arriving on the Singularity test server in the coming weeks and will be released to Tranquility in our August release. In the time between the August release and the Winter Expansion with Refineries the new UI will continue to display units of quantity for each moon material present on the moon rather than percentages.

This early UI release is just one of several aspects of the Refinery feature that are being completed early as we work hard to produce a great Winter Expansion for all of you. We have already silently released the server-side code that allows the upcoming Mining Ledger to track each pilot’s mining activity, and we will be releasing more information soon about the first rounds of early SISI testing for the Refinery structures themselves.

For anyone looking for a TL;DR here’s your convenient summary:

  •  Refineries coming this winter
  •  New Moon Mining Paradigm
    • Must extract ore from moon to space, mine and reprocess it to get the moon materials
    • Refineries use exclusive moon drill service module to extract ore from moon to space
    • Only one Refinery can mine each moon at a time
  • New Ores
    • 20 New moon ores that are mined from moon extraction
    • Reprocessed into 1 main moon material and other minerals (moon or regular)
    • Only available in asteroids created from moon drill process
  • Moon Composition and Distribution
    • Moon composition to be a percentage of different ores
    • Mix of moon ores and existing ores
    • Full reset of moon distribution on Expansion Release
  • Moon Survey Improvements coming in August
    • Friendlier looking UI for results of Moon Composition
    • “Copy to clipboard” function
    • Indication of probe missing target
    • Timer for results from each probe

We look forward to getting the improvements to moon scanning into your hands soon, and we hope you are as excited as we are about the massive shakeup to moon resources coming later this year! We’ll be continuing to release dev blogs covering aspects of the Refinery feature as well as other structure changes in the coming weeks and months.

Happy building!

-Team Five 0

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Proceed to Crossing Zebras for the essay.

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In his superb book Thinking, Fast and Slow Nobel … [visit site to read more]

The Morning After: Wednesday, July 19th 2017
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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Good morning! We have two AR surprises, plus Samsung's AI assistant and the future of playing D&D.

Turn10 reveals the first 167 cars of Forza Motorsport 7
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The latest installment in the Forza racing game series, Forza Motorsport 7, will feature more cars than any of the past titles, at over 700 cars. In the lead-up to the game's release, Turn10 Studios and Microsoft will be revealing portions of the massive car list. The first chunk is a whopping 167 cars, and it features supercars, track machines, and racecars.

Nintendo's Switch Online apps for iOS and Android are available
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The disjointed rollout of Nintendo Switch online features continues, as the company has released its mobile apps for iOS and Android ahead of the Splatoon 2 launch on Friday. That's going to be the first game to make use of the Switch Online app, which is needed for voice chat and to send game invites over social media. Yes, that's right, to speak to other gamers you'll need your phone plugged into headphones. The apps themselves aren't actually functional yet, but we assume that will change by Friday.

Source: Nintendo Switch Online app FAQ, iTunes, Google Play

The Long Road
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(PLEASE NOTE: The following post contains references to real events in the author's actual life. I know that for some of you this can be traumatic and often indecipherable, so I want to give you time to return to your previous programming. I'm also

'Titanfall 2' brings back the franchise's popular co-op horde mode
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Titanfall 2 has kept the fires burning for its dedicated community by valiantly releasing small bumps of free content almost every month this year. While gratis DLC is always great, fans clamored for vertically-inclined maps like the original game had -- so the sequel's team revamped some to include in content packs. The latest DLC, available July 25th, will include another throwback from Titanfall 1: The long-rumored return of the popular co-op player-vs-AI Frontier Defense mode.

Source: Respawn

Doomfist is here for the punching on July 27th
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Doomfist is the most anticipated new character to hit Overwatch since the game landed one year ago, and players finally know when they can get their hands on him: July 27th. Doomfist is the fourth addition to the roster, but he's been in the game's lore from day one. His golden glove was featured in the first trailer for Overwatch, teasing an extremely powerful, punching villain -- and that's exactly what players will get later this month.

Source: @PlayOverwatch

Time to Revisit My Strategic Cruiser
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The revamp to Strategic Cruisers has come and gone and today I finally checked my hanger to see what happened to my sole Proteus.As you can see, it was a cloaky combat cruiser with multiple long range tackling mods and a decent offensive capability,

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