Kopiert und gepodded!
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Es sind mal wieder Facepalm-Wochen in und rundum EVE Online. Grund dafür ist nicht nur Robert Space Industries und das Spiel Star Citizen, sondern auch EVE selber, das mit einem ingame-Event sowas ähnliches wie natürliche Selektion

RPG Job Systems
In this episode:
  • We talk about Job Systems in RPGs and JRPGs!  Lots of Final Fantasy talk especially around Final Fantasy V, the Four Job Fiesta, and Bravely Default.
Weekly Geekery
  • Beej watched Incredibles 2 with his wife!
  • Void played Realm Royale, Hollow Knight, and Fortnite on Switch.
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Summer Movie League – Incredible
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Here we are at week four of our special rules Summer Fantasy Movie League and… well… I’m actually away. So there is no score summary or lineup review this week.  But I am sure The Incredibles dominated the box office.  I

Tempest Fleet Issue on the Keepstar
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Puzzle platformers 'Inside' and 'Limbo' hit Nintendo Switch June 28th
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Good news for fans of creepy, atmospheric games: Playdead is bringing its hit platformers Limbo and Inside to Nintendo Switch June 28th. Both were already available to play on the go, as they're on iOS (Limbo is on the Google Play Store too). But if you want to delve into them on the subway using Joycons rather than a touchscreen, now's your chance. Just be prepared for some quizzical looks from the people sitting next to you while you explore those disturbing, beautiful worlds.

INSIDE and LIMBO on Nintendo Switch - Worldwide June 28. https://t.co/mXL2JZJGx6

— Playdead (@Playdead) June 20, 2018

Source: Playdead (Twitter)

Leap Motion shows off AR headset with rousing game of ping pong
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If you wanted to demonstrate Leap Motion's low-cost augmented reality headset, how would you do it? Create a flashy, action-packed showcase? Leap Motion has a different idea: an invigorating game of ping pong. The company has crafted a demo that combines the Project North Star headgear with paddle controllers to pit the wearer against an AI opponent at a real ping pong table. It's not mind boggling by any stretch, but it's a good example of a fast, intuitive AR experience that depends on high accuracy. You can juggle the ball and serve it as naturally as you would if it were real. And importantly, there are behind-the-scenes developments that could influence AR going forward.

Source: Leap Motion Blog

'Westworld: The Maze' is a choose-your-own-adventure Alexa game
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Consider yourself a Westworld superfan? Now you can prove it. Ahead of the season finale, HBO is launching its first full-scale Alexa voice skill with Westworld: The Maze, an immersive voice experience that challenges fans to demonstrate their knowledge of the sci-fi western through a choose-your-own-adventure game.

'PUBG' celebrates 50 million sales with first Steam discount
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now enjoying its first Steam sale since launch. According to a recent Steam update, the price reduction -- a 33% discount which brings the price of admission down to $19.99 -- honors an important milestone: 50 million global sales.

Via: VG247

Source: PUBG Corp

Steam lets game developers customize their homepages
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Steam has put its new Creator Homepages into open beta, letting developers and publishers customize their homepages to better show off their game catalogs. There's a lot of flexibility -- publishers can divide their portfolios up however they wish, so they could split them by genre, or fan-favorites, for example. And for new creators, or those without an extensive catalog, the space can be also be used to announce new projects or showcase concept art. Fans can follow their favorite publishers directly from their homepage to get notifications when updates, announcements or new titles are released.

Via: Gamasutra

Source: Steam

The Morning After: Another all-screen phone
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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

In case you needed another sign that we're at the height of this console cycle, Sony is rolling out a greatest hits lineup for the PS4. At the same time, GameStop is looking over its options, and Google finally has a podcast app for Android.

Only fly what you can afford to lose
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I have lived by that pretty much all my eve life – Today’s little effort – Titan Loss Mail What happened? Pretty simple really. I didn’t listen to the little voice that kept telling me that something wasn’t right. I

My Top Ten Ships
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Click for embiggenThese are my Top Ten PvP ships according to zKill as of today. I thought I'd run down the list and make snarky comments about each ship. I've never been one to focus on a single ship, I typically fly numerous ships even when I don't have

The Mind Clash Podcast – Episode 90: A Brave New Game
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While Meredudd cringes in the corner, Kael and Claevyan fanboy out over CCP and Kongregates beta colabo “EVE: War of Ascension”. We go over all the details of the game, how to play it, and what the current “meta” leans towards.

A tiny Xbox One S is the latest American Girl accessory
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As in all children's toys, representation in American Girl's line of dolls is key: The last to be introduced was a Latin American girl destined to reach Mars. But maybe owners just want to see theirs kick back, relax, and play a few rounds of Fortnite like they do. American Girl has released a pack of 'gamer' paraphernalia including a headset, chair and an Xbox One S, finally solving the debate of where the brand falls in the system wars.

Source: American Girl

The ‘Fortnite’-sized ‘PUBG’ map goes live Friday
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' third map 'Sanhok' will officially go live with a new patch on Friday, June 22nd. Its small-scale area (4km x 4km, a quarter the size of the other two and similar to Fortnite's map sizes) is expected to make for quicker games, and will come with a map-exclusive weapon that replaces the fan-favorite SCAR-L rifle. For now, Sanhok will be exclusive to the PC version.

Via: Polygon

Source: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Steam blog

'Alto's Odyssey' slides onto Android next month
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Alto's Odyssey, the sequel to the classic snowboarding endless runner Alto's Adventure, is headed to Android next month. Players on iOS devices have explored the Apple Design Award-winning game's gorgeous desert landscapes since February, though Android users have had to remain patient for their own chance to test their mettle on the sandy slopes. You can pre-register on Google Play now, and receive a notification when the game's available, which will be sometime in July.

Alto's Odyssey is coming to Android next month! Pre-Register today on @GooglePlay and be the first to get notified at launch 💚 https://t.co/IyjbPNxrdB pic.twitter.com/VzmZ2rWmCs

— Alto's Odyssey (@altosadventure) June 19, 2018

Source: Alto's Odyssey (Twitter), Google Play

Being Boosted in Norrath
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I wanted to mention my experiences with the recent free level 100 boost that Daybreak was offering a while back.  The time has passed to get the boost… you had until June 7th, which was nearly two weeks ago at this point… but I went and

Some of the most popular PS4 titles now cost just $20
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In keeping with tradition, Sony has introduced a selection of best-selling PS4 games for a discount. 'PlayStation Hits' will offer titles like Metal Gear Solid V, Doom, Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 for $20. The game line will be available online and in stores -- just look for the red banner at the top of the box.

Source: PlayStation blog

GameStop confirms buyout talks as downloads take their toll
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It won't shock you to hear that GameStop has been suffering as downloads have taken off. Now, however, it might be looking for help. In the wake of a Reuters leak, GameStop has confirmed that it's in talks about a "potential transaction." While the retail chain is shy about what those discussions involve and isn't promising a deal, the sources claimed that the chats were in response to "buyout interest" from private equity companies like Sycamore Partners.

Via: Reuters

Source: GameStop

Twitch allows everyone to customize streams with multiple tools
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Twitch's work on Extensions -- video overlays and visual embellishments for streams -- keeps plugging along. Today the broadcasting service announced that now every user can turn on up to three different video overlays and a trio of below-player Extensions for their channel. It all sounds pretty easy to use, too. Just head over to the Extensions Manager on your channel dashboard and activate the six add-ons you want. To celebrate, there are even a handful of new Extensions available from developers, some explicitly made to be combined with one another.

The Morning After: Red Rocks
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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome back! We'll explain why it might be time to try Pokémon Go again and try to make our choice between a pair of excellent electric SUVs. Oh, and the president made a little announcement.

What's on TV: 'Luke Cage,' 'Preacher' and 'Westworld'
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The FIFA World Cup is already rolling along, but this week we're getting ready for the second season of Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix. AMC has the season premiere of Preacher and Comedy Central brings Drunk History while Westworld wraps up season two Sunday night on HBO. For gamers there's Mario Tennis Aces and Pacific Rim: Uprising is ready to fill your robot fighting needs. Look after the break to check out each day's highlights, including trailers and let us know what you think (or what we missed).

Spirit Skinned Guardian
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'Westworld' mobile game puts you in control June 21st
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HBO and Warner Bros. have been teasing their Westworld mobile game for nigh-on half a year. Now, though, they finally have something to show. The Behaviour Interactive-built game is slated to arrive on June 21st -- Apple provided the date for iOS, but we've since confirmed that it's coming to Android that day as well. Whichever platform you use, the premise is the same: you're a Delos trainee running a simulation that grants ever-increasing responsibility over Westworld, requiring you to both satisfy guests and keep the robotic hosts in line.

Source: App Store (Twitter), Westworld Mobile

The WHO officially puts gaming on its list of addictions
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The World Health Organization was putting its finishing touches on the eleventh edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) when it released a draft back in December. The early version of the document, which medical professionals will use like its predecessors as a baseline for classifying and defining diseases, included a condition for the first time in the ICD's history: Video game addiction. Today, the WHO finalized ICD-11 and left the gaming disorder in, enshrining it in the medical reference standard.

Source: ICD-11 | Gaming Disorder, ICD-11 | Hazardous Gaming

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