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They say time heals. They lie. Time simply brings about the fog of forgetfulness, dulling the sharp, stabbing pain of  cherished memories past, blurring the clarity of moments long gone. It’s the human condition. It’s how we survive.

The Morning After: Tesla's Long Range Model S drives farther than ever
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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Looking for a new laptop? New CPUs and GPUs are just begging for you to upgrade. And if you have a bigger purchase in mind, you should check out the new Teslas, which feature more range than ever -- up to 370 miles on a single charge. Finally, we have some bad news about a laundry-folding robot.

'Planet Zoo’ is the modern ‘Zoo Tycoon’ we’ve been waiting for
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If the explosive popularity of the The Sims over the years has taught us anything, it's that people love playing god. Players have been given control of everything from theme parks to hospitals, and now aspiring site planners can add a zoo to their CV, too.

"I'mmmmmmMMMMMM OFF to be a Pirate! A Wonderful Pirate of OZZZZZZZZZ!!"
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~or "We watch as Capt. Tur sails off into the sunset... and lives happily ever after."In EVE we fly spaceships... virtual amazing incredible stunning mind blowing spaceships... Wee itty bitty wittle spaceships and GINORMOUS MONSTROUS DREADNAUGHT TITAN

'Sea of Thieves' update adds a swashbuckling adventure on April 30th
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Rare has shed new light on just what stories you'll see in Sea of Thieves' anniversary update, and the first one might just scratch the itch if you think the core game is a bit threadbare. A new trailer for the first "Tall Tales" story, "Shores of Gold," suggests that you'll experience a fleshed-out story complete with cutscenes, elaborate sequences and puzzles. You're tasked with tracking down the Shroudbreaker, the key to visiting a mysterious island -- and of course, you'll face dangers ranging from creepy skeletal warriors to booby-trapped chambers.

Via: Eurogamer

Source: Sea of Thieves (YouTube)

ESO Needs A Research Queue
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Having played EVE Online for nearly a decade, I appreciate some of the simple things. One of the greatest innovations CCP made to the game was the skill queue. When the game launched in 2003, characters could only train one skill at a time. No queuing

'Anthem' update adds a dungeon crawl, but delays Cataclysm
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BioWare has added a string of content to keep Anthem fresh, although there are some omissions that could rankle early fans of the shared-world shooter. The newly available 1.1.0 update adds a new Stronghold (aka dungeon), Sunken Cell, that gives you a new place to explore once you've finished the main story. It also eliminates some of the drudgery in the game. You can access the Forge (the crafting station) anywhere in the world, start new missions without returning to home base and access contracts without having to pick them up one by one. You can spend more time actually fighting, to put it another way.

Via: Anthem (Twitter)

Source: EA, Reddit

These gaming laptops pack the latest Intel and NVIDIA hardware
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If you prefer your PC gaming in portable form, you're enjoying an embarrassment of riches right now. Intel has unveiled gaming-friendly 9th-generation Core laptop processors, while NVIDIA has unveiled GTX 16-series mobile GPUs that promise solid performance without giant budgets (or giant coolers). That also means a lot of PC makers introducing systems, though, and that's a lot to wade through if you're in the market. Don't worry -- we've rounded up some of the bigger introductions to help you keep track of what's new.

MSI is also upgrading its gaming laptops with Intel's new CPUs
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MSI is joining a slew of other hardware makers in refreshing its gaming laptops with 9th-gen Core CPUs. It says these processors will allow its machines to deliver up to 45 percent better performance than previous versions.

Nepal’s Supreme Court reverses national ban on ‘PUBG'
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Nepal's Supreme Court has lifted a ban on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Several lawyers petitioned against the block, arguing the constitution affords Nepalis the freedom to play the battle royale and that the government would have to prove the ban is justified. According to The Himalayan Times, the court determined the ban would impact residents' freedoms and as such it couldn't stay in place.

Via: PC Gamer

Source: Himalayan Times

I shot the Myrm, but I did not kill the Dominix
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As my last remaining reader may recall, I live in WH space, staging with NOMEX out of a C2.  And while fleet fights are awesome fun with our solid FCs, occasionally I get “wanderlust”, drift away with my two characters and deliberately go

Quote of the Day – We are Just Alluvial Accretion
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It [EVE Online] has existed for 16 years and people think it’s in stagnation. But that’s the story with a lot of these long running franchises; it’s like a river that flows through, and there’s a bottom layer of people that stick,

Xbox One gets premium wireless headphones from SteelSeries
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Xbox One owners haven't had many choices when it comes to wireless headphones. Up until now, you either had to get one of Turtle Beach's Stealth headsets, or make do with plugging wired headphones into your Xbox One controller. Now SteelSeries is aiming to step things up a notch with the $200 Arctis 9X, a new headset with native wireless support for the Xbox One. While it's certainly a bit late in the console's lifetime for a custom accessory, SteelSeries is at least providing something plenty of Xbox fans have been waiting for.

ASUS' thin Zephyrus gaming laptops get new CPUs, GPUs and sturdy cases
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For 2019, ASUS' Zephyrus gaming laptops are getting some useful improvements: Intel's 9th generation CPUs (which debuted this morning); NVIDIA's latest RTX graphics; and incredibly fast 240Hz displays. Oh yes, and they're still some of the thinnest gaming notebooks around. It's not just about spec bumps, either: ASUS also completely revamped the 15-inch Zephyrus S and M, while also debuting a new lower-cost G line.

Intel's 9th-gen laptop CPUs also reach up to 5GHz
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When Intel debuted its ninth generation Core processors last fall, the star of the show was the i9-9900K, its first consumer CPU to reach 5GHz. That was a huge milestone, and it made that chip even more tempting to power-hungry gamers. But now, that processor has a laptop-focused sibling that can also hit 5GHz: the i9-9980HK, an unlocked eight-core chip for beefy, overclockable notebooks. And if that's too much power for you, Intel also has a slew of other ninth-gen chips coming. You can expect to see them in laptops soon, as ASUS, Lenovo and Razer also just announced their latest gaming notebooks to coincide with Intel's news.

NVIDIA's GTX 1650 GPU delivers modern gaming for $149
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NVIDIA's cutting-edge Turing architecture has been gradually making way to more affordable graphics cards, and now it's finally reaching the entry level. The company has introduce the GeForce GTX 1650, a starter GPU that aims to provide the perks of modern games (such as complex shader effects) at an easier-to-swallow starting price of $149. It's a significant step down from the GTX 1660, but NVIDIA is betting that you won't mind in light of improvements over predecessors.

Source: NVIDIA Newsroom

ASUS' Strix III gaming laptops take cues from BMW's design gurus
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With last year's ROG Strix II notebooks, ASUS finally gave us thin screen bezels. Now, they're taking style tips from BMW Designworks. The new Strix Scar III and Hero III are inspired by the "Face Off" concept, a joint project between ASUS and BMW's team meant to envision a next-generation gaming laptop. That led to the sleek raised ridges on the backs and sides of the new laptops, as well as the ROG Keystone, an NFC device that can unlock secret encrypted storage.

Lenovo's latest gaming laptops pack 9th-gen Intel Core CPUs
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Lenovo has announced two new gaming laptops, while it has refreshed some models in its Legion lineup -- all of which work with 9th-gen Intel Core i7 processors. The IdeaPad L340 Gaming laptop is a little more budget-friendly than other portable Lenovo gaming machines. It has blue lighting and options to switch between Gaming and Quiet modes. It's compatible with NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 1650 GPU and features Dolby Audio, while Intel Optane memory is available as an option. The L340 will be available late May, starting at $870 for the 15-inch model and $920 for its 17-inch sibling.

OpenAI's 'Dota 2' bot won 7,215 games against humans in three days
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From the evening of April 18th through the 21st, anybody with an internet connection had the chance to play against OpenAI's Dota 2 bot -- the same one that defeated the world champion team in two back-to-back games earlier this month. The results were unsurprising to say the least: it obliterated the competition, winning 7,215 competitive games and boasting a 99.4 percent victory rate overall. It only lost 42 competitive games over the weekend, and though 10 were won by one (presumably fantastic) team, only three other teams won three games in a row.

Source: Open AI, VentureBeat

The Morning After: The Galaxy Fold verdict
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Hey, good morning!

We have our (tentative) verdict on Samsung's Galaxy Fold, as the launch date for the foldable turns into a giant question mark. Tesla is promising a future filled with its robo-taxis, and Pepsi is trying to reinvent the soda fountain, minus the calories.

Wealth of 7.9bn isk
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Wealth is now 7.9bn - see details below.  An increase of 1.9bn on last week.A disappointing week really.  Well, actually quite a good week but a poor weekend.  Sold almost nothing over Easter.  All the sales made in the

PSA: Signal Cartel Leadership Change
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Dark Astrahus
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Reavers Gnosis Racing
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As happens, every so often Ranger Gama sets up another race event for Reavers.  The last one had us flying around in Drakes back at the end of December.  This time around the Gnosis, the Society of Conscious Thought battlecruiser, was the hull

GB Studio lets anyone create a Game Boy game
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Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the Game Boy's release in Japan. If you're like our editors, that brings back all kinds of nostalgic memories. We've certainly come a long way since then -- so far, in fact, that you can now create your own Game Boy games. Last week, developer Chris Maltby released the code for GB Studio, a free tool for building real Game Boy ROMs.

Via: PC Gamer

Source: GB Studio, GitHub, Chris Maltby (1), (2)

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