Mirmon Gorgoz
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Mirmon Gorgoz is a Minmatar COSMOS Agent residing in Caldari space. He offers three missions under the title The Medicine Man.

PLEX for Good and COVID-19
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CCP announced yesterday that they would be reviving the PLEX for Good idea to raise funds to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The PLEX for Good plan has seen CCP channel donations from players to support various disaster relief programs, most recently

Diablo 3
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I don’t think I have really posted about Diablo 3 on my blog aide from when I got started and some seasonal updates, I spotted…
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Jokes on Us
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Many of you reading this will immediately come to the conclusion that it is a bitter, jealous, perhaps even spiteful rant. So be it. If you come into a conversation with your minds already made up, then very little I can say will sway you.The recent

Eagles Fly
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The Death March To Heavensward, Leading NPCs, And Perfection
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Now that I'm past The Praetorium, I'm steadily working my way down the main scenario quests (MSQ) to get to Heavensward. I guess I shouldn't call the effort a death march, but the six patches between the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and the

EVE Online and Quadrant 2
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With no EVE Fanfest this year… maybe I was premature in marking my prediction that 2018 would be the last one as wrong… we were instead treated to a video premier of the trailer for the Quadrant 2 update.  Called Eclipse, it follows the Fight or

Fixing Fits, An Experiment
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So this is a bit different to usual. It's a bit of a Pyfa 'tutorial' that goes through and fixes up fits. Let me know what you think of this style.

EVE Online ECLIPSE Trailer Analysis
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Well, see title.

Blapril Prep Week is Almost Over
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It is Thursday already.  Or I think it is.  I went to my Wednesday morning meetings yesterday… unless that was a dream. Anyway, the week is heading towards its close and I haven’t done much Blapril prep. But that is probably okay for me.  I

Re-enjoying soundtracks
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There is something wonderful about listening to a game soundtracks, they have the great ability to trigger our memories maybe taking you back to a…
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Make Your Business More Accessible with New Blocks
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From booking and scheduling to events and embeds, these six new blocks for your blog or business website help you to grow your audience, connect with more clients, and reach more customers.

Box Opening as Community Service
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Anoikis – Region B-R00005 Constellation B-C00037 – System J150859 16 March YC 122 “Okay, so you’ve seen Anoikis. What do we do now?” asked Aura. “Explore it, of course!” exclaimed I. “Meaning exactly what?” “Oh, for one thing, it’s

In This Episode:

Void and Beej are both slightly obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the current world climate.  It’s kind of the perfect escape! We discuss what we like about it and why it’s holding our attention. We also do our normal dive into weekly geekery with things like the Bravely Default II demo and Roundgaurd.

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Pod in the Wrecks
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The Latest Dev Blog On EVE Online's Ecology
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"Eve is built on the most robust economic and financial simulation in gaming."- New York Times, 1 April 2020As I look at the monthly economic report every month, I always wonder what CCP hopes to accomplish with the changes implemented over the past year.

Kaalakiota Backs Sukuuvestaa Over Lai Dai in "Ghost Ship" Tussle
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Saisio, The Forge – This afternoon, a seemingly undamaged Raven-class battleship bearing the Lai Dai logo emerged from a wormhole in Saisio near the Sukuuvestaa Corporation station in orbit of Moon 20, Saisio VIII. According to sources aboard the Sukuuvestaa HQ, station security personally led by Kauliken Uusazoken took the derelict ship into custody and towed it to the station after it failed to respond to repeated communication attempts. Reports indicate that the ship appeared to be adrift without power.

Lai Dai CEO Alakoni Ishanoy released a statement calling for SuVee to return the battleship and any crew to Lai Dai's possession. "If witness reports are accurate, the Raven matches the description of LDSS Airkio's Promise, flagship of our wormhole expedition which went missing nearly a decade ago. A single Raven retrofitted to function as a laboratory hardly constitutes a threat, even to the Peace and Order Unit." Among the missing were nearly six thousand employees on the research vessel and its escorts.

While SuVee has declined to release details about the ship or potential presence of crew, they did release a brief statement reading in part, "As the vessel in question qualifies as salvage under applicable State law, Sukuuvestaa Corporation will retain custody of the vessel and maintain a primary interest in its disposition."

In a move emphasizing ongoing political realignments in the State, Kaalakiota Corporation, nominally Lai Dai's fellow "Patriot Bloc" member, quickly released a statement in support of SuVee's position. The move by KK suggests Lai Dai would have no easy time of it should they choose to escalate the dispute to the Caldari Business Tribunal or Chief Executive Panel.

Additionally, the current summit meeting of the CEP is considering the critical issues of megacorporation territorial concessions, corporate security force jurisdiction, and the current status of Inner Circle negotiations on the Emergency War Powers Act YC110. In this context, Lai Dai making too much of a relatively minor salvage suit would risk losing face before the other megacorps.

In Other News

  • Floseswin Conflict Instablity Continues as 24th Imperial Crusade Regain System Control Despite Heavy Resistance
  • Caldari-Gallente Militia Warzone Sees Seven Systems Retaken in Counter-Offensive by State Protectorate Forces
  • Minmatar Generals Tight-Lipped as "Military Experts" Speculate on Fleet and Command of Floseswin IV Liberation Campaign
  • Reports of Heightened Triglavian Activity in Chibi system, Aridia region; "No Comment" from Khanid Military Circuit
  • Mayor Shaileen Ramnev "Awake and Responding Well to Therapy" Report Doctors at Arcurio Hospital
  • Governor Celes Aguard Issues Statement on Election; Hopes "All Candidates are Able to Continue Campaigns Next Week"
  • Krullefor Organization Raids Angel Cartel "Smuggling Bases" on Skarkon II; Tacit Support of RSS Claimed by Anti-Krullefor Groups
  • Guristas Pirates "Increasing Activity in Techology Trading Black Markets" says Report from Caldari Customs Co-ordination Corporation


April Fools at Blizzard 2020 is Centered on Overwatch
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This year it seems it was the Overwatch teams turn to embrace the day, or at least be the theme of the day. It has become something of an annual tradition here to cover what Blizzard has been up to every April Fools.  There have been years where the

Leaked Patchnotes: Abyssal Wormhole Space
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For over a year Triglavians are upon us now.

The worlds uneasy slumber
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Like me you are probably spending your days staring at the interior walls of your home and most likely at a number of differently sized…
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Cloud Imperium Games Acquires $17.25 Million In Additional Outside Funding
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Is Chris Roberts about to lose control of another video game studio?In December 2000, Chris Roberts walked away from Digital Anvil while the game Freelancer was under development. According to a Eurogamer article:In the wake of the collapse of Digital

March in Review
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The Site What a month.  There was nothing much of note new on the site, but gaming life and blogging time and all of that was subject to some changes as the COVID-19 pandemic confined so many of us to home.  Fortunately my job is doable from home, but

Disney Forever S1E16 - The Love Bug (1969)
Posted by A Green Mushroom [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 31 March 2020, 1:48 pm

In This Episode:

This week’s featured presentation is The Love Bug (1969).  Void and Katie dive deep into the good and bad from all your favorite Disney movies week by week.  Listen along and join the conversation!

Disney Forever S1E17 - Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005)
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In This Episode:

This week’s featured presentation is Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005).  Void and Katie dive deep into the good and bad from all your favorite Disney movies week by week.  Listen along and join the conversation!

My Etsy Store is Open
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I created a lot of swag for this year's Fanfest, including this incredible Stay Frosty lapel pin. Every year I create a lot of swag to hand out personally at all of the player events we attend, including our own player meet-up at our house in the Summer.

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