Golf Story looks like the Mario Golf/Stardew Valley mash-up I need right now
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 5:05 pm
If you grew up on Nintendo handhelds in the '90s, you probably remember Camelot's unsung Game Boy Color adaptation of Mario Golf

Inside Roblox, the game platform that’s rivaling Minecraft
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 4:00 pm
I’m camped at the end of a large hall, hoping my view over a tunnel leading to the capture point covers the enemy team’s entry through the large windows and skylights. Distant gunfire rattles from the other end of the map and I see grenades popping on the point. And yep, I’m right. Someone jumps […]

Did you watch the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer and feel like Luke was acting a bit out of character? Well, you're not the only one

Friday The 13th is a smashing slasher sim
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 2:00 pm
Friday the 13th [official site] is occasionally tense and often hilarious in the way that long-running horror franchises tend to be. As Jason, your objective is to kill every player-controlled counsellor, and as a counsellor you’re trying to escape, call the cops, or simply survive until the end of the round. I’ve only played for […]

GTA Online lets you be many types of criminal. You can be a street racer, tearing your expensive not ...

Bethesda and Arkane's Prey is now live and out in the wild

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 shows off its supermen
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 12:43 pm
Kam! Zonk! Wappo! Seeing as Marvel’s own crossovers are usually over-serious affairs, both on paper and the silver screen, I’m glad that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 [official site] is coming to smoosh supermen together in silly ways. The sequel to the game John called “bloody brilliant” will jump across space and time, visiting places […]

Wot I Think: Vanquish
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 1:00 pm
It’s my first time with the high-speed bumslides and endless robo-armies of Bayonetta and Nier: Automata dev Platinum’s third-person shooter Vanquish [official site], newly released on PC a full seven years after its console versions. I like to think that this means I see it with clear eyes, unclouded either by nostalgia or a predisposition […]

Mixer – The New Beam
Posted by [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 1:10 pm
Yesterday the Microsoft owned streaming platform formerly known as Beam was re-branded as Mixer. I joined Beam quite some time ago but I haven’t actually gotten around to streaming on the platform even though...

Have You Played… Star Trek The Videogame?
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 10:30 am
Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives and PC miscellany. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. My favourite thing about Star Trek The Videogame [official site] is definitely the name. That’s partly because everything else about it is a whopping bumturd the size of a mountain, but also because […]

Prey: a reluctance to complete
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 11:00 am
Prey has, I think, been the game I’ve most enjoyed this year so far – something I never saw coming. Steam tells me I’ve poured over 30 hours into it, which comprised far too many unhealthily late nights, my attention turning inevitably to Talos after work and childcare and adult responsibilities were done. I am […]

Wot We Think: CrossCells
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 12:00 pm
Reviewing games of the sort Matthew Brown creates – Hexcells, SquareCells, and now CrossCells [official site] – can be a strange task. His niche is numerical logic. There are elements of things like Sudoku but basic maths creeps in, making it closer to a subgenre of Sudoku: Killer Sudoku. Their pleasures come from whether you […]

Lucasfilm is almost done deciding what Star Wars movie to make for 2020
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 12:20 pm
Lucasfilm is very close to making its final decision on what Star Wars movie will come to theaters in 2020

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Harry Styles in Christopher Nolan’s epic war movie Dunkirk

Here's how Destiny 2's servers will work - no more host migration!
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 10:42 am
Destiny 2 won't exclusively use dedicated servers but that doesn't mean it will suffer from all the same lag-related problems as the first game

Win a set of Spider-Man books!
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 10:49 am
With Spider-Man Homecoming swinging into cinemas on 7 July there’s a few weeks left to do some cribbing on Peter Parker and his alter-ego

Xur, Destiny’s travelling weekend Exotic trader, pulp horror novel cover artist, and famed liker of meringue, is back

No surprise: No Destiny 2 dedicated servers for PC
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 7:48 am
Destiny 2 [official site] will not have dedicated servers on PC, Bungie have confirmed. Some Destineers had hope that it might switch from the first game’s peer-to-peer networking model as the sci-fi FPS series makes its PC debut, given that dedicated servers tend to be less laggy and make cheating — which is far more […]

The Flare Path: In Cold Waters
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 8:00 am
A message for Mr. D. Jones Esquire. Over the next few weeks, thanks to unlikely-to-disappoint Cold War sub game Cold Waters [official site], your locker is going to see a lot of action. I strongly advise you to make space, grease hinges, and evict endangered echinoderms in readiness for the imminent deluge of mutilated missile […]

Rising Storm is free for keepsies right now
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 8:22 am
The WW2 Pacific Theater FPS action of Red Orchestra spin-off Rising Storm [official site] is yours to grab for free right now. The Humble Store are giving the game away to celebrate the impending end of their spring sale. Tim Stone will tell you that Rising Storm is one of the best simulation games and […]

Far Cry 5 trailer reveals doomsday cult, planes, bears & 2018 release date
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 9:31 am
Far Cry 5’s [official site] first full-length trailer is heavy on the plot, showing a cult that will bring people into its fold “by force if necessary” and all the grimness that entails, but it’s also packed full of colourful car-chases, wide open countryside, and there’s a bit where a man is being chased by […]

Watch the first Far Cry 5 trailer and see 29 details you missed
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 9:01 am
After some teases we finally have the first proper Far Cry 5 trailer, introducing Hope County, Montana - a dangerous looking place overrun by a cult called Eden's Gate

Say hello to Far Cry 5's Pastor Jerome, Nick and Mary
Posted by gamesradar news [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 9:02 am
All the Far Cry 5 is happening today. First we've got the new Far Cry 5 trailer (with a bre ...

Darkest Dungeon’s vampy expansion drips to June 19th
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 5:48 am
Splendidly cruel dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon [official site] will welcome mosquito-like aristocratic vampires with the launch of its first expansion, The Crimson Court, on June 19th, developers Red Hook Studios have announced. For $10 it’ll add that dastardly strain of bloodsuckers, along with the whole new dungeon type they inhabit, a new hero for you […]

Best PC gaming deals of the week
Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun [HTML][XML][PERM][FULL] on 26 May 2017, 6:02 am
Right, it’s time once more to get down into the business of checking out what’s been on offer or discounted within the world of all this ‘video game’ business people seem to talk about a lot these days. It’s definitely been a long enough week already, so let’s get started right away, shall we? … […]

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