Monthly Goal #1 (Cover Expenses)

Goal #1: $510
Currently: $510

Goal #1 has been reached! Let's hope we continue to grow (and not shrink back under Goal #1. In the interest of full disclosure, here is a list of what costs are covered by Goal #1.

ExpenseCost/MonthMonthly TotalCost/YearAnnual Total
Web hosting$22$22$264$264
Podcast hosting (10 shows)$120$142$1440$1704
Domain fees$12$154$144$1848
Misc fees$50$204$600$2448
Equipment Upkeep$30$234$360$2808
MMO Fees$56$510$672$6120

Monthly Goal #2 (Member Perks & Conference Team)

Goal #2: $517
Currently: $517

Goal #2 attempts to give a little back to the hard working podcasters and generous members. If this goal is reached VirginWorlds should be able to partially fund the expense for podcasters and contributors other than Brent to attend some game conferences and bring back the best content. Also, in an effort to ensure the member perks are cool and 'leet' we should establish a real budget for it.

ExpenseCost/MonthMonthly TotalCost/YearAnnual Total
Conference Team$317$317$3804$3804
Membership Perks$200$517$2400$6204

Monthly Goal #3 (Columnist Budget)

Goal #3: $500
Currently: $7

The aim of Goal #3 is to drive more written content. Meeting this goal should increase the quality and volume of the original written content. Goal three also brings the podcast hosting up to date, from the original 10 shows to the current 30.

ExpenseCost/MonthMonthly TotalCost/YearAnnual Total
Weekly Columnists (3)$300$300$3600$3600
Podcast Hosting (20 shows)$200$500$2400$6000

(New memberships do not update this status immediately.)

Supporting VirginWorlds

VirginWorlds aims to continue supporting the MMO gaming community by providing an excellent source of news and entertainment both on and on the podcast. Like any growing web presence, the need to monetize eventually appears. The question is how is this best done?

VirginWorlds is not inclined to monetize the site through unsightly and annoying advertising. There are three reasons for this:

1. The first is quite simply a matter of web design. Ad banners are ugly. They disrupt the flow of the site and consume valuable screen real estate. You don't want to see them and we don't want to wedge them into the site and manage them. The internet at large pays for itself with ad revenue, but it doesn't have to be that way.

2. Second, it is difficult to remain an unbiased source of news and insight when an advertiser is paying the bills. This factor plays into all forms of media and is a constant struggle for magazines, television networks, newspapers and web sites. If a huge game publisher is writing a check to an editorial website each month, how can that website be 100% neutral in any evaluations regarding that publisher? It is virtually impossible, especially when there is no separation between those running the business and those doing the editorial work.

3. Third. It is a risky business model. Would you rather get $1 from 100,000 people each year or $100,000 from one person? Advertising follows the latter model, but the former is much healthier. A pool of 100,000 will ebb and flow a bit, but a single individual or entity can change a scenario in a heartbeat. If a website wants to establish consistent cash flow it must come from many sources, not just a handful of advertisers.

VirginWorlds is not inclined to monetize the site through retail or affiliate programs. Two reasons:

1. VirginWorlds isn't "the best in the world" at online retail. There is a philosophy that if you cannot realistically expect to be the best in the world at something, you might want to reassess your objective. When it comes to MMORPG information and opinion, VirginWorlds may be the best someday. There aren't many factors standing in the way. On the other hand, VirginWorlds is never going to beat GoGamer, GameStop, Barnes and Noble and Amazon at the online retail business. Online retail isn't a passion for VirginWorlds, MMO games are.

2. Affiliate programs, such as the VirginWorlds Amazon store, are nice resources, but they're not efficient business models. If a website has a few million unique visitors per month, affiliate programs can generate substantial income, but VirginWorlds is a long way from achieving the volume of traffic required to survive on affiliate sales alone.

VirginWorlds is not inclined to charge a subscription or fee for content. The reasons are clear:

1. The record and movie industries are fighting this battle now, and they're losing. Badly.

2. Podcasts are free. They're considered free. They're expected to be free. Websites tend to be free as well unless there is a service associated with the site that accomplishes something we can't get for free. VirginWorlds deals in information and that information is free. It is only news and the scrappy opinion of a few enthusiasts. We can't charge for news. We don't want to charge for news.

VirginWorlds is not inclined to take one-time donations. People have often asked, "Where is the donate button?" There never was one. Many podcasts take donations and some surely cover many costs and then some via donations, but donations are temporal. Donations happen once and people never donate again. It is great that donations are given, but they are only a temporary boon.

Eliminating all of these items leaves one on the table. Membership programs. Non-profits use membership programs as key fundraising tools. The Humane Society, the Red Cross, PETA, the Democrats and Republicans, Green Peace and many more.

A membership program is a donation with a couple of differences:

1. It provides consistent funding.

2. It provides the members with added value.

Membership with VirginWorlds will provide the following perks to members.

1. Access to special members-only VirginWorlds Podcasts. The current VirginWorlds podcast will not change at all, but from time to time, members will receive access to special shows that will not be part of the normal podcast feed.

2. Inclusion in members-only contests and beta key releases.

3. Some membership plans will get a gift from VirginWorlds. This could be a t-shirt, a mouse pad, or any number of other possibilities.

4. The opportunity to be named as a sponsor of a podcast or some other aspect of VirginWorlds.

5. Many other things we're dreaming up. Custom avatars and titles, a revamped karma system - your suggestions are welcome!

Final notes:

1. Whether you're able to become a member or not, VirginWorlds appreciates your continued support, monetary or otherwise.

2. This membership program is not applied to the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective as a whole, however the membership dues will be applied toward the hosting of the current podcast Collective and will facilitate the addition of new shows in the future. Other members of the Collective may opt to recognize the membership program for feature content or giveaways as they see fit.

3. Who the heck is Fortuity Media LLC? VirginWorlds = Fortuity Media LLC. In the US it is difficult (or painful) to set up certain kinds of accounts without having a business Tax ID number. Fortuity Media was set up to be a limited liability sole proprietorship in order to make things a little easier.

Membership Plans

$4 / month - Core Membership
Buy Brent a beer each month. He's thirsty and he needs the break. That's only a dollar per show. He's worth that, right? Right? As a Core Member you will receive access to special content from VirginWorlds.
VirginWorlds Username
Email Address

$8 / month - Supporter Membership
Brent likes 32 ounce Guinness mugs. But they cost a little more. Get some VW schwag as part of this membership.
VirginWorlds Username
Email Address

$10 / month - Podcast Sponsor
Sponsor the hosting for one of the podcasts. First come first serve. Sponsorship for each show is open for a limited time after it joins the collective. You can only sponsor a show that is hosted by VirginWorlds. This sponsoring is for the hosting only, not the 'performance'.
VirginWorlds Username & Email

VirginWorlds Group Leaderrobin
VirginWorlds Elite Member and OMG RL SponsorZen
VirginWorlds Website SponsorDamianoV
The Online Gamers Anthology and Addicted Gamer Sponsorrobg
Warp Drive Active & Drone Bay SponsorStErroneous
Travels with Troy & Hyborian Herald SponsorHauntshade
Hyborian Herald Sponsor & VirginWorlds Supportersiriusplay
VirginWorlds Supportermorphisat
VirginWorlds Podcast SponsorCuppycake
Voyages of Vanguard SponsorShamutanti
Through the Aftermath Sponsortpajeek
Craft of War Sponsormmogdog
Epic Dolls SponsorMurderface
Limited Edition Sponsorwelshtroll
Free Play Podcast Sponsorcaffo
Warpath SponsorMagicKira
Craft of War Sponsorhamiltonia
EQ-IQ SponsorDajuroka
A View from the Top Sponsorbrinelan
Shut Up We're Talking SponsorWilhelm2451
MicroWarpCast Sponsorhaulboss
Voyages of Vanguard SponsorDelph
RingCast SponsorJonathan
VirginWorlds Podcast SponsorMichael
No Prisoners, No Mercy SponsorCeadrick
Through the Aftermath Sponsorrevren
Van Hemlock Podcast SponsorElsyth
Shut Up We're Talking SponsorBelo
Not Your Average Gamer SponsorRogueSlayer
Limited Edition and Van Hemlock Podcast SponsorParadiso
Witty Ranter SponsorColdheat
Limited Edition SponsorAximand

$16 / month - Elite Membership
The elite membership plan for the supporters of VirginWorlds will receive 'leet' gifts and perks.
VirginWorlds Username
Email Address

$22 / month - Website Sponsor
Sponsor the website hosting. Want to see your name on the website pretty much every day? We'll find a way to work it in as a thank you for the donation.

Not currently accepting Website sponsorship.
Current Website Sponsor: Craig from Voyages in Eternity.

$30 / month - Equipment Sponsor
Sponsor the upkeep of the VW podcasting equipment. There are never enough upgrades and the sound can never be smooth enough. You can help make it better.
VirginWorlds Username
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$56 / month - Mobhunter Sponsor
In VirginWorlds-land, game fees are just another expense. They average around $56 each month. Sponsor Brent's gaming and you'll be a hero and receive the kudos.
VirginWorlds Username
Email Address

$100 / month - Group Leader
VirginWorlds likes to travel to game conferences to bring all the good news to all of you, but it is spendy. A 'Group Leader' Sponsor will cover the cost of one conference over the course of a year. Donate at this level and you will easily be classified as some sort of benevolent deity.
VirginWorlds Username
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$250 / month - Raid Leader
You're going above and beyond the call. This level of sponsorship means you're covering virtually all of the monthly expenses and then some. This also means you're a die hard MMO fan and supporter of VirginWorlds.
VirginWorlds Username
Email Address

$???? / month - Insert Custom Title Here
Perhaps you sleep in a bed of money and think that building a 4th garage to house more sports cars is pointless because you're too busy listening to podcasts and raiding mobs. Maybe you have what it takes to bring VirginWorlds to the next level. Email Brent. :)

Tired of Supporting VirginWorlds?
You will be genuinely missed. Thanks for the support.

Not so fine print
All membership subscriptions will recur monthly until canceled by the user via the Unsubscribe link or by visiting PayPal directly. The membership can be cancelled at any time, but mid-month cancellations will NOT be pro-rated. Membership benefits are not guaranteed by, nor does provide any satisfaction guarantee. Members will be notified of special content and offers via the website (members-only section coming soon!) or by email. Or both. Physical gifts will be sent to active members participating in the Supporter Membership or higher every six months. Gifts may vary based on membership level. All members will receive access to special web-based and podcast content via the VirginWorlds website (coming soon!)

All personal details will be kept private. VirginWorlds will not sell your information. Sponsors may opt out of being mentioned as sponsors on the podcasts or website by contacting brent [at] VirginWorlds does not collect personal information from members and visitors other than what is supplied to us on a voluntary basis.

In order to participate in some activities, you might be asked to provide some personal information. This could be in connection with any one or combination of the following:
  • Shipment of items
  • Making or renewing a donation online
  • Sending personalized mail or e-mail messages
  • Participation in contests, surveys, sponsorship, events and giveaways

  • Want to make a one time donation?
    VirginWorlds is always in need of various tools and luxuries that will ease the burden. Check the VirginWorlds Amazon Wishlist below for ideas.

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